Half way through the year (2014)

I made a commitment at the beginning of 2014 to do 15,000 push ups, 3,000 pull ups, and 24 hours of planking.  Half way through the year, and a little over half way to my goal.

Month Push Ups Pull Ups Plank (min.)
January 1,500 310 144.00
February 1,250 250 120.00
March 1,810 355 138.00
April 1,790 355 126.00
May 1,450 296 120.00
June 1,400 274 138.00
Totals 9,200 1,840 786.00

The math is pretty simple.  Here’s the daily breakdown needed to hit the goals:

  • Push ups  41.1/day
  • Pull ups  8.2/day
  • Planking  3 minutes 57 seconds/day

It’s surprising how easy it has become.  The toughest thing is the planking.  But every time a commercial comes on the TV, I get down and plank for 90 seconds.  I didn’t like doing them in January, but now, they are fairly easy.

My back hasn’t felt this good in a long time!  Now that I’ve publicly posted this, I have no choice but to make those goals!


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